Accent Reduction
Accent Reduction

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Lynn S. Silver, Ph.D. is a speech-language pathologist. She has earned her Masters Degree and Ph.D. in speech-language pathology. Dr. Silver has also taught speech communication, public speaking and speech for non-native speakers of English at three colleges. She has given seminars for improving communication in corporate environments.

Dr. Silver offers accent reduction services for individuals born in foreign countries and individuals with regional accents. It is essential in the business environment that individuals have clear, correct pronunciation in order to accomplish an optimal level of communication.

  Some common errors foreign born speakers make are:

Incorrect pronunciation of sounds
Incorrect syllable accent
Rate of speech is too fast
Incorrect rhythm patterns of speech
Incorrect stress patterns of words in sentences

Some or all of the above may be responsible.

Communication Skills

Conversation skills
Interpersonal skills
Communication for small meetings
Business communication
Social communication
Formal vs. informal

Services Offered

Individual correction of pronunciation
Individual correction of accent
Individual correction of intonation and rhythm patterns
Conversation skills
Public speaking and presentation skills
Improvement of English skills (vocabulary, grammar) designed at your level
Correction of speech rate
Conversation skills - business and social
Meeting skills
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