Speech Therapy Services
Dr. Silver offers speech therapy to address the following:

Speech delays
Articulation delays/disorders
Language delays/disorders
Specific language impairment
Expressive and Receptive language delays/disorders
Articulation/Phonological disorders
Stuttering (stuttering specialist)
     Dr. Silver is a board recognized fluency specialist
Difficulty following spoken directions
Auditory processing difficulties
Voice disorders (vocal nodules, vocal polyps, etc)
Tongue thrust
Language disorders resulting from brain injury
Aspergers syndrome
Pervasive developmental disorder (PDD)

What services are offered?

Articulation evaluation and therapy
Language evaluation and therapy
Voice evaluation and therapy
Stuttering evaluation and therapy
Aphasia evaluation and therapy
Language, listening, auditory processing, cognitive, inference, and problem solving skills for ADD, dyslexia, and learning disabilities

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